2011-12-02 05:31:42 by Afterfall

This is the sketch my friend drew that inspired me to make "Maxillofacial." /458840

You can find him on deviantart here:



2011-08-13 02:48:23 by Afterfall

Been a few years since I have logged on here. I still make music, but under the name Kung Fu Lemon.

( lol

I'm going to start posting little "musical doodles" here on NG. Small pieces of music made in short periods of time with absolutely appalling production values. Just to keep me productive. And for any feedback that I receive.


2010-05-25 06:50:01 by Afterfall

I have decided to start uploading music again. Under a different name. But not to newgrounds. I hate having to compress tracks soo much, and NG just isn't really a great platform for audio. (unless you're making game music)

If you liked my music... go there ^



This better have been worth it...

2009-08-14 23:22:41 by Afterfall

Working my ass off on my latest track... So many hours over so many weeks have gone into this. I better get a couple of reviews when I post it lol.

EDIT: It's done!!!! If you have the time please listen and review if you can. /264557

This better have been worth it...


2009-06-07 10:01:32 by Afterfall

FINALLY... After two and a half weeks waiting for my first audio submission to be approved, it is finally up! -there was much rejoicing-

*Question Mark of Annoyance*

2009-06-01 03:44:32 by Afterfall

I uploaded my first Audio Submission to Newgrounds over two weeks ago and it still hasn't appeared on the site yet. Apparently because I am a "new contributor" I have to wait until one of the Audio Moderators approves my audio grr... I know I'm meant to be patient but I'm not a patient person. Two weeks is long enough for me to get annoyed.